Anabell Laplana


Anabell Laplana



Dentist graduated from the UCV , Universidad Central de Venezuela , in 1996.

In 1998  she  started her training in the area of dental technology, participating  in  a Fellow  in the Laboratory of the  Prosthodontics Program at the University of Texas Houston , USA.

She has done internships and trainings with recognized technicians in laboratories in Mexico, Brazil , USA and Europe.

Trained in  Zirkonzahn system in 2005 and 2013. Brunico, Italy.

Certified Instructor in CEREC system by the ISCD, International Society of Computerized Dentistry. Vancouver, Canada 2012.

DSD training, by Dr. Christian Coachman. Caracas, Venezuela 2012.

Trained in AmannGirrbach system.

21 years of clinical experience, working full time in private practice focused ion cosmetic dentistry, oral rehabilitation and implants.

She has been lecturer of numerous conferences and hands-on in universities,  and different scientific events.

Associate professor in the graduate aesthetic program in Central University of Venezuela and in the training center Sinergia Dental Instituto in Caracas, Venezuela.

She serves as Secretary in the board of the Venezuelan Society of Prosthodontics.

Among the influential professionals in her training, she  has made hands-on internships with renowned technical: Andrew Canterbury, Felix Pages, Michael Beerli, Hector Cabanas, Dieter Grubel, Peter Fisiak, Oliver Brix, August Bruguera, Gerald Ubassy, ​​Enrico Steager, Carlos Granados, Joel Lopez, Juvenal de Souza, Ronald Ivan, Jungo Endo, Rafael Santrich, Richard Shaffer, Nondas Vlachopoulos and Edward McLaren.

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