Did you know we lost a drone?…

The story behind Spark's last flight

Did you know we lost a drone?…

Remember the intro video of the International Esthetic Masters? The one with the aerial drone footage of Lisbon?

Well, this video was entirely directed and produced by me and João. We wanted to start the video in the same place we recorded the 2015 edition’s intro video, the Padrão dos Descobrimentos, one of the most emblematic monuments of Lisbon.

But we were far from imagining that on the very first day of shooting, we would have the last flight of my DJI spark drone…

When doing a circular shot around the monument, I lost connection with the drone (even though I was not that far away), and during the few minutes I took to approach it, trying to reconnect, I suddenly got an “aircraft disconnected” alert on the remote control.

I still desperately looked for it, hoping it would be hoovering near the monument, but I never saw it again…

I guess that during the lost connection period, it dangerously approached the monument, and most probably crashed against it, then falling in the Tagus river…

You can see the drone trajectory in the flight report below.

Of course, I was sad and frustrated with all this… We even considered cancelling the rest of the shootings that day.

But we were on a mission and we had tight deadlines to keep!

So, we kept shooting during all day, just not with the drone, unfortunately.

We shot several scenes and things went very smooth, despite everything. But we were still missing all the drone shots. Remember that as I explained above, the first aerial video of that day ended up being the last. And we only had a low-quality footage saved in the mobile phone…

You can watch an excerpt of that video below.

Well, we decided to keep the original plans, and a few days later, I was buying a new drone! My second DJI Spark! 😉

We then went again to all locations, and made beautiful aerial shots of some of the most relevant landscapes in Lisbon.

We were very happy with the final edited version of our video invitation. What did you think about it?

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