Who are we?

The two portuguese dentists that get the world of dentistry together

Who are we?

Who are we? That is a question we were asked many times since the start of this project in 2015.

Well, Rui Pereira da Costa and me, we are two Portuguese dentists passionate about our profession and about dental education. We share the same background, even if we are linked to different areas in dentistry: me, as an esthetic restorative dentist and Rui as an endodontist. In fact, our daily life is nothing different from a normal dentist life with the regular clinical practice and what we add to that, as the classes at the university, the courses we attend and the ones we lecture.

As friends and colleagues for many years, we always have fun challenging each other to develop new ideas, always searching to pioneer in this world of dentistry. We get the best out of our new challenges, always focused on achieving bigger and unimaginable projects that help our fellow colleagues to perform better as dentists, just like us.

Honestly, our personal lives got boosted by the feedback we received after the first edition of the International Esthetic Masters in 2015. We really felt that this project filled a void in the worldwide dental community, as so many colleagues everywhere, specially in those many countries living under so many difficulties, grew the passion about esthetic dentistry and felt inspired to pursue a state of the art practice. We just can’t thank enough the speakers that pioneered together with us in such a project.

Here we are again! Willing to do better and to deliver a fantastic experience to everyone.

If you share the same passion as us and believe the International Esthetic Masters is a project that the world should know about, then: Share it! Spread the word! 😉 🙂

We can’t thank you enough.

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