The Why of the International Esthetic Masters

The world together with the mission of sharing knowledge on a global scale.

International Esthetic Masters… Why?

Why a totally free access and online congress in esthetic dentistry?

Well, in fact, Rui and me have always been closely linked to dental education since the start of our professional careers and, for that reason, we really know the importance of sharing knowledge and bringing it to everyone.

We believe that the state of the art and the latest developments in every field of dentistry, specially esthetic restorative dentistry, are to be accessible to every professional in the world of dentistry. Unfortunately, as you know, normally this knowledge is somehow limited to some expensive post graduations, private courses and congresses happening in some specific locations worldwide. It becomes very difficult to follow the latest news and protocols in this field, even more if you come from a distant country or you don’t have the means to invest in it.

So, we thought about a project that could break these boundaries and gather the world together!

We knew that some world renowned speakers would resonate with us on this mission of sharing their expertise, their science and clinical protocols on a global scale. Guess what? We were right! The success of the first edition proved it, as we reached more than 13.000 participants from more than 110 different countries.

We truly believe that, through projects like this one, we can help the worldwide dental community and make a difference for the enhancement and better quality of the future dental activity, in every and each corner of the world.

Be sure not to miss this second edition!

Check our facebook and Instagram page and share it on a global scale! This project is for everyone.

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